Movable sound-proof partition walls: photo 1
Movable sound-proof partition walls: photo 2
Movable sound-proof partition walls: photo 3
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Movable sound-proof partition walls


Movable sound-proof partition walls are characterized by modular elements having high acoustic insulation up to an Rw index of 58 dB certified by an accredited laboratory. They are easily stored and slide quietly along guide rails fixed only into the ceiling. Designed to harmonize with the existing architectural style they can reach any length and up to 12 m. in height with covering in a choice of materials and finish. High-level technology guarantees quality and reliability while offering the ideal solution for a rapid, physical and acoustic division of areas destined to host large events, meetings, workshops, videoconferences and training sessions.

  • Fino REI 90 e RE 120
  • Fino 58 dB
  • Made in Italy
  • Elevati standard acustici: Fino a Rw=58 dB. Laboratorio accreditato ACCREDIA Istituto Giordano
  • Alta resistenza al fuoco: fino a REI 90
  • Classe reazione al fuoco : Fino a CL 0
  • Omologata in Classe di reazione al fuoco 1 (uno)
  • Ottimo isolamento termico: per riscaldare solo gli spazi utilizzati
  • Formaldeide basso valore : E1
  • Materiali ecologici e riciclabili
  • Brevetti
  • Certificati
  • Made in Italy

* We are open to every other finishes

With this solution we have been made

Ferrari museum

Movable acustic walls for the Ferrari Museum of Maranello


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